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Falling into Autumn - Do you have a plan?

Wow where did the Summer just go? Do any of you feel like this year has disappeared so fast?

Everything comes around so fast and life feels like it goes at such a fast pace now!

Taking time to ensure that you are feeling in tip top condition is so important, from movement in some form, something that you enjoy and that you will stick to! It could be walking, dancing a gym workout or online.

My online studio offers a variety of classes for all abilities, its a really great way to save both time and money!

Eating well and creating sustainable lifestyle habits is important. There is lots of press at the moment about Ultra Processed Foods. Did you know that 60-80 percent of diets now consist of UPF - on my Lift Lean group we have been discussing this in detail over the last couple of weeks. Education on this subject is so important and empowering!

Whatever you do around exercise and nutrition make sure you are also taking timeout for you.

Have a great day and keep your eyes peeled for some more blogs from me in the coming weeks - just wanted to try this out!

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