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Live well and ENJOY your menopause!


It’s time to take control! This course is designed to educate women in how to practice self-care from Peri to Post menopause.


An introductory course specialising in women with menopausal symptoms. Why should the menopause be a taboo and a negative subject?!


Are you struggling with symptoms and feel like you have nowhere to turn?


What to expect:

  • Getting on top of sleep - practical tips to help, sleep has a huge effect on our body

  • Managing stress - working on building habits into your daily life to manage stress which can have a detrimental effect on our hormones

  • Nutrition - best practices to get the most out of the food you eat.

  • Exercise, what exercise suits you? How to build time efficient exercise into your life - movement is medicine 

  • Education - Evidence based advice to make informed choices on how to live well.


Leave no subject unturned, just turn the menopause on its head!!


MenoMorphitness is all about rejuvenation.

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