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Meet Kim

Welcome to KJV Health & Wellness, a positive community offering a variety of fitness sessions, in person and online, for all levels with an emphasis on health and wellbeing. 

My passion lies with women’s health and my goal is to get people moving in a way that suits them - showing that age is not a barrier. I truly believe that movement and nutrition are your medicine!


Inspired by Jane Fonda and my very trendy PE teacher in the early days of the aerobics boom, my ambition was to be the lady in the leotard! With a ballroom dancing background, back in the days when it wasn’t cool, I turned my attention to training in Exercise to Music; carrying steps and mats to village halls in the back of my Vauxhall Nova. 


My qualifications include Exercise to Music, Pilates level 4, Yoga level 4, Orthopaedic Pilates, Older Adults and Pre-Post Natal. I am also a trained Wellness coach for peri-post menopause, where my special interest lies. I am currently running Lift Lean, an at home strength training program for women, with an emphasis on good nutrition and positive mindset.


Alongside the fitness industry's evolution, my passion for teaching and educating people in fitness and exercise has only continued to grow. I have worked for the last 30 years, in gyms, personal training, community classes and now online!


With two grown up boys, and now in my 50’s, my interest lies with empowering women to look after their health and wellbeing with sensible and sustainable lifestyle habits. I offer a variety of programs to suit all abilities.


I believe in motivating by educating - exercise should be fun and achievable!

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